A Decimal column type is used to store a decimal value.

When you click on the down arrow next to the Column Name you will see the list of options shown below. You can set the precision of the decimal value and it will show the number of digits after the decimal points accordingly.

There are three formatting options available. They are as follows -

1. Normal: The number will be displayed as it is input by the user.

2. Currency: The number will be displayed in currency format with a comma after every three digits.

3. Accounting: The number will be displayed in accounting format, i.e : negative values will be represented in “(value)” format.

You can add a prefix or a suffix like a currency symbol to the number by using the prefix/suffix option.

You can use Sort for arranging data in the Decimal column. For more details on sort options you can refer this

You can use conditional formatting to better visualize the entries in each cell. For more details on conditional formatting options you can refer this

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