Workflow Separate Submission is useful only in case you have used Section Repeat Control in your app. By default this option is disabled. What it does is, if you have multiple approvals option that needs to be approved separately rather than approving/rejecting all at once you need to enable this option. 

In order to locate this option, Open Workflow screen, then click on the Edit Icon (Pencil Icon) as shown above. It will then open a Edit workflow screen which has checkbox option - "Submit records separately" as shown below.

Click on the checkbox. Thats It, now all the values in section repeat control will be executed as a Separate Workflow rather than Iterating through it in a same workflow instance.

You can read further, if you want to see how this checkbox will be impacting my workflow using an example below. 

Example - There is an Reimbursement application in which user applies for Expenses which should be reimbursed once it is approved by user's manager. User's Manager can be update in User's Sheet. User Sheet can be opened by Clicking on User Hierarchy option under Users tab in Studio Dashboard.

App is setup using Section repeat control as shown above.

We have created a New Sheet called WorkflowSeperateSubmissionTutorial with columns added as shown above. Basically, we are maintaining this sheet to store user expenses details in Columns - ExpenseType, Amount, Comment and Manager's approval in a ApprovalStatus column. SubmitID and RowID are useful for filter - For more details - refer Using SUBMITID and ROWID

Workflow is setup as shown above. TID_1 is an update sheet task which Insert's User Expenses details into sheet. TID_2 is an approval task which user's manager will be able to view the user's expenses and can either approve or reject it. TID_3 and TID_4 are update sheet task which with change the ApprovalStatus column to "Approved" and "Reject" depending on the manager, whether he/she is Approving the Task or Rejecting the Task respectively





Once everything is setup correctly, you can enable "Submit records separately" checkbox and Publish the App. Once the App is published, open this app in any of the DronaHQ client app - web, android or ios and submit the form. 

Form submitted from WebApp

Sheet updated from Workflow

Now for Approval Task, the above Reimbursement request will go to user's manager. User's Manager can then open/login any of the DronaHQ client app - web, android or ios and open Status App. This is shown in home screen as a floating icon shown below -

Opening the Status App will show my 2 Reimbursement request as 2 separate list items that can be individually approved/rejected. To view details of what user has filled, manager can click on individual items and drill down to view all details.


All Tasks list

Clicking on approval list item, it opens a view listing all tasks executed before this task and highlighting the Current Task.

Task details 1

Clicking on Initiated Task will show all the values inputed by User on click of Initiated task option. After reviewing, manager can approve/reject individual user entries and corresponding status will be updated in the sheet as shown below.

Now, in case "Submit records separately"  is not checked, then in that case, instead of separate Approval request, all the request would has received as a single Approve/Reject item and the Manager will only have an option to either Approve all the expenses OR reject all the expenses. Please refer an use case in this case

Submit Records Together

Task details

Depending on your use case, you can choose to enable/disable "Submit records separately" option for Workflow

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