Many a times, we have to add multiple rows of data (e.g employee list, student list etc). We can make use of different control options like Multiselect, Checkbox, Advance multiselect and section repeat to select multiple data. To add these data to different rows in sheet, we can make use of workflow. 

Let us take a use case to explain the concept of adding multiple rows. 

Suppose a fee payment is to be made for some students for a particular fee category (Say, First term fee). Now when we select multiple students from a batch, each student fee payment should be displayed in different rows. 

Ref to the above image, we are selecting a batch and a fee category to pay. All the students in the batch are displayed, out of which, we are selecting three students who have paid the fee. Once we select the students and click on submit, the student details should be added to the sheet as below

To add multiple rows, we need to do 'Repeat Insert' option in work flow. This can be done as described below.  In DronaHQ studio, click on workflow screen. If you don't have a workflow method added, click on '+' and select Update Sheet Task.

Once you select Update Sheet option, next screen you can see the Sheet to insert/update. Select the Sheet and select 'Insert Record'.

Now you need to define the data to be added. In this section, there is a 'Repeat Insert operation'. You need to select this option and the data to be repeated to add specific data in multiple rows

Once you define the data to be inserted, click on done and then publish the app. 

If Repeat Insert operation is not enabled, the data will be added in a single row (ref image below)

To Summarize, whenever you want to add multiple rows into Sheet from Submit form, you can do it using Repeat Insert option in Workflow.

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