As shown above, I have a Form with 2 input controls - Name and Email with Submit button. Adding a Submit button will enable Workflow. Please note down the Unique Name of the controls under Property section, whose data you want to submit in your Sheet. Unique Name will be used while adding Workflow.

On clicking on the Workflow button, Update Sheet workflow with Insert Record will be automatically created as shown above. Enter the Sheet name where you want to insert your record. In this example, Sheet name - EmployeeDetails is selected. 

EmployeeDetails sheet has 2 columns EmployeeName and EmployeeEmail. Under Insert Data section, add Unique Name of the controls noted earlier. In this example, Name control has Unique Name as name and Email control has unique name as email. Click on Done button will add Update Sheet Workflow Task to insert record into your Sheet.

Testing your workflow

  • Now, in order to test this, you will have to Publish this MicroApp. Click on Publish, enter release notes and click on Publish
  • Once the App is published, you will have to open the container app and open this MicroApp which will download the MicroApp if not downloaded and will open the same Screen you created with Submit button. Enter Name and Email Id and click on Submit. It will show successfully submitted and Now, Name and Email Id you added will be added/inserted in your sheet (In this example - it will be added in sheet named - EmployeeDetails)
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