In Business Process you will come across situations where you will need a user to take some action on a form. In such cases, you will create an Input Task in your Workflow and assign a screen as an Input task to the desired user. This user will be notified through a push notification when the task is triggered. User can then open the task and take desired action through Workflow Status App, a special app to track status of all tasks assigned to the user or initiated by the user.

Let us try to create a workflow for a Support Help Desk app, where a Support Desk Admin/Manager can review a support ticket, raised by an user, and assign it to the concerned department. Lets assume, there are two screen in this app, 

  1. first screen through which a user can raise a help ticket 
  2. another screen, say TicketReview, which will be reviewed by Support Admin/Manager.

Once you create a workflow, on the workflow editor screen, you need to click on "+" icon to add a task in the workflow.

Now to add an Input Task in your Workflow select the option INPUT FORM under the Select Task section on the task modal (as shown below).

Once you select the type of task (Input Form), you need to provide a TASK NAME to this task. A Task name is a meaningful name given to the task. This text will be visible to the user in the Status App whenever the task is executed.

In the above image, TASK ID is an auto populated read-only id, which uniquely identifies the task throughout the workflow. This ID is only available for INPUT FORM, APPROVAL task and USE API task.
You can put a condition/criteria in WHEN TO EXECUTE, which will be evaluated by the workflow engine to determine whether to execute the current tasks or not. The condition/criteria needs to be evaluated to TRUE (boolean TRUE) to execute the task. If you leave the criteria blank, the task will always execute.        

You can use dynamic data when the workflows are executed. For example, if you want to display email address of user who has initiated/started the workflow, then you can do so using Workflow Keyword INITIATED.INPUTBYEMAIL which has to be put within double curly braces {{}}, as shown the above image. This will display user's email address in the Status App when the workflow is executed.
After you provide these details click on Next button, to Assign a user to the Input task and Select the desired screen to be opened (as shown in the below image).  

Now in our Support Help Desk example, we need Support Admin/Manager to open TicketReview screen whenever a Support Ticket is raised, hence, select the corresponding screen name (TicketReview) in the OPEN SCREEN section as shown below.

After you select the desired screen to open, you need to assign users for the current task under ASSIGN TASK section. You can assign task directly to an individual user or a group of users based on the User Hierarchy.
In our Support Help Desk example, we want to assign the task to the Admin/Manager (userlookupmanager) of department (userdepartment) Support (as shown in the below example).

If you want to assign any time limit to the task, then you can do so by putting the number of hours in the DEADLINE box under the Configuration Section. You can also enable Reassign Task option, if you want to reassign the current task to another user.  

Once all the settings are done, click on Done button to save the tasks settings. The newly created tasks will be displayed as shown in the below image. You can add a new task before or after the current by clicking on corresponding '+' sign.

Similarly, you can create as many INPUT FORM tasks in workflow as per your requirements.

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