Workflow Keywords are used to resolve data dynamically in your app. To use dynamic data, you need to use the following Keywords as is. However, to use dynamic data in Workflow description, Notification Title & Notification Message or Task Name, you need to use keywords within double curly braces {{}}, e.g. {{INITIATED.INPUTBYEMAIL}}

Following is the list of Keywords used in Workflow

INPUTAT - The time at which user submitted the data in UTC timestamp in Unix format
INPUTBY - Email address of the user who has submitted the data
INPUTID - Document ID
INPUTBYNAME - Initiator's Full Name or full name of the user who has triggered the workflow

The above mentioned keywords can be used in Workflow tasks with prefix INITIATED or TID followed by a dot (.), for example, INITIATED.INPUTAT or TID.INPUTBYEMAIL

INITIATED keyword is used to refer to the data submitted by the user from the screen through which the workflow has been triggered. For instance, in a Leave Application app, when an employee applies for a leave, on approval by its manager, the leave balance should be updated accordingly. Therefore, while creating Update Task for updating leave balance in the Workflow, you can access employee's leave application data using keywork INITIATED.leavestartdate, where leavestartdate stores the leave application's start date.
For more details on this keyword, please refer the article Using INITIATED Keyword

TID or the Task ID keyword is an unique, auto-generated, id representing a task i.e. representing an Input Task, Approval Task or API task. Task ID can be used in any subsequent tasks to refer data created in the current task.
For example, let’s say in a workflow,  

  1. The first task is an Input Task which will have Task ID - TID_1
  2. Second task is an Update Task
  3. Third task is an Approval Task which will have Task ID as - TID_2.
    Now on approval or reject, if you want to access data from the first Input Task, you can access it using Task ID i.e. TID_1.columnname, where columnname is column whose data has been submitted via first task.

For more details on this keyword, please refer to the article Using TID (TaskID) Keyword.

CURRENT_VALUE - This keyword can only be used in Workflow's Update Tasks. It is used to perform operation on existing value of the field to be updated/modified.
For example, lets say there is a column called as "Product_Stock" in sheet Inventory_Details and your Update Task need to subtract the Ordered Quantity (control unique name - ordered_quantity) from the Product_Stock which results into available stock, then you can use keyword in the following way -
where Ordered Quantity is subtracted from the current value of Product Stock and the result is updated in column Product_Stock.

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