When binding data to your app, you can pass data from one control to another control, in other words, you can bind data using a control's reference. There are several ways in which you can use a control's reference to bind data in any control.

Direct Reference

You can directly use a control's unique name in another control's formula box to bind data using a control, in order to pass data between those controls. Every control has a unique name through which it can be uniquely identified in the app. This unique name is displayed in the right most pane on the builder screen. Lets take an example to see how to use a control's unique name to pass data. Assume, we have a radio control with values - Male, Female. Now we want to pass the selected value of the radio control to a text box, this can be done as shown in the following image -

Once you have written the control's reference in Text control, click on Save and Validate and then click on preview button. On preview, selecting either Male or Female value of Radio control, the corresponding value will be reflected in Text control (as shown below)

Reference data from a List

In the above example, we saw how to bind a basic control to another control. In this method, we will see how to bind a data from a list of data to a control. For example, fetch data from sheet in Sheet Lookup control and pass the selected data to a text control.
To begin with, lets add a sheet lookup on the app and try to fetch first name, department & jobtitle of a user from sheet - BaseSheet whose jobtitle is "Staff Accountant IV". The formula would like this - 

The above image, shows the formula to fetch first name, department, jobtitle in Sheet Lookup control whose unique name is sheet_lookup1. Now, lets say we want to pass the value of department to another control say text box, then add the following formula in the formula box of text control - 


The formula sheet_lookup1.department means pass department data of the selected option of control - sheet_lookup1 to control - text1. Hence when you preview the app, and select any option in Sheet Lookup control (say, whose first name is Angelo), the department value of the selected option (Training) will be passed and seen in text control (as shown in the below image)

This way, you can pass data from a list to any control.

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